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Episode 49: Constellations, Imaginary Advice, The Food Chain (with Jeff Emtman)

Jeff Emtman joins Jack and Freddie to discuss Constellations, Imaginary Advice and The Food Chain.

Episode 48: Upgrade, Mac Power Users, CYBER (Tech Special)

Freddie and Jack discuss Freddie's favourite tech podcasts, including: Upgrade, Mac Power Users and CYBER.

Episode 47: Future Perfect, Varmints!, Imaginary Worlds (with Sara DaSilva)

Sara DaSilva joins Jack and Freddie to discuss Future Perfect, Varmints! and Imaginary Worlds.

Episode 46: Bodies, Code Switch, Every Little Thing (with Malia Politzer)

Malia Politzer joins Jack and Freddie to discuss Bodies, Code Switch and Every Little Thing.

Episode 45: Hi-Phi Nation, Between The Essays, Lore (with Phoebe Wang)

Phoebe Wang joins Jack and Freddie to discuss Hi-Phi Nation, Between The Essays and Lore.

Episode 44: Function with Anil Dash, Thirst Aid Kit, Outside/In, Criminal (with Heat Rocks podcast)

Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes join Jack and Freddie to chat about Function, Thirst Aid Kit, Outside/In and Criminal.

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